From Mummy, with love #2

I recently paid homage to the gorgeous letters that a favourite blogger (and friend) of mine writes to her son Piran at her blog A place of my own.

 I have had this letter to lil legs swimming around in my head for a while. Here goes.

Dear Monty,

We have had a bit of a difficult ride over the years. It has taken me a long time to work out your quirks and what makes you tick.

But you know what, sometimes if you've not worked hard at something you don't know you have it.

And I definitely have you buddy. And you have me. As you say to me daily. I love you mega.

After Blossom was born I felt like I lost you. Or lost a part of you. You were besotted with your sister but you seemed angry with me somehow. Her first year has been a hell of a ride for us and it is only now I look back I see it with clarity. You were very poorly and went into hospital for an operation, you have had a difficult time with eating and we have struggled with temper tantrums that have reduced me to tears and tested every ounce of me as your Mummy.

But you know what? I may have lost you for a small time, but now you are back and I realise how much I missed you.

You are the best friend a Mummy could have.

You chatter from the moment you wake up until the very second you drift off to sleep.

You have so many hugs for me in a day I could easily lose count.

I love the secret kisses you send me when you think no one is looking as I watch you do your weekly gym class.

No one can make Blossom laugh the way you do. Despite how much we try only you can make her laugh like a drain.

You are my special helper.

I never expected that the protective big brother would be so innate in you, if Blossom even attempts to crawl near danger you throw yourself in front of it like a human shield!

You will be four soon, in August, weeks later you will start school. You are ready. I am not.

I was once in a play (over a decade ago)and in the dressing room I found a beautiful silver ring engraved with this phrase:

''At my back I always hear times winged beast drawing near''

The truth in that was lost on me at the time, but all of a sudden it seems to ring bells in my head. Soon I will lose you again this time to 'big school.' You can't wait to go. I will sniff your neck daily until September, refuse to cut your hair, grab all the kisses I can and enjoy your free spirited urchiness before society put their stamp on you.

Nearly four years ago I gave birth to a boy, but you were the maker of me.

Love you little legs. More than you will ever know.

Mummy. x


  1. Aw man! Jeez, that's one of the nicest blog posts I've ever read and I may be welling up a little bit!


  2. What a wonderful letter! (difficult to type a comment with misty eyes :) that is just lovely.

  3. Oh, how wonderful, lady. Beautiful beautiful letter.
    And that quote is a paraphrase from one of my favourite poems...
    "tear our pleasures with rough strife
    Thorough the iron gates of life." are my words to live by.

  4. This is a really, really, really gorgeous post. I've also often read Kelly's lovely letters and thought that I should do one of my own. But if I get this choked up reading other people's, I'm not sure I can manage my own!

  5. Gorgeous post for a gorgeous boy. I have Piran's most recent one to do, and a Dear Thumper to write. Will be ruined after those!