Pickles nursery!

I know she has a name now, but we still refer to her bedroom as Pickle's room for some reason.

Those clothes hanging up are my baby clothes, twenty seven years old! Retro!

I mentioned in this post that as Montys room is so fab I was finding it hard to create a room for Blossom (who at that point was Pickle) that was equally as lovely. It is not completely done, I add things as I see and buy them but it is yummy!

The blind was a made especially by a fab company called Coppybridge Blinds. I am really pleased with it and I love the Cath Kidston Strawberry fabric. They are a brilliant company and put up with a lot of pregnant divvyness on my part.

My favourite detail is the bunting made for Blossom by the super talented Sharon Turner founder of scrummythings.co.uk She is so clever (AND she made bunting for Jamie Olivers daughter Petal's bedroom!)

I still need to find pretty curtains and put her name up on her door but I am sure when she snuggles down for the night in a few months in her stokke sleepi she'll just be pleased to be out of that sodding moses basket. If I'm honest, I'm dreading it. Why can't they just sleep in a little bed next to you forever?


  1. Thanks Becs! Love the pics xxx

  2. Awww thanks, we're so glad you like the blind!

    I wouldn't describe your ...erm... temporary confusion as divvyness myself! The nursery looks great and I agree that the Cath Kidston is rather gorgeous :)