Just coming up for air!

Hello! Hurrah! Alright!

It has been a while. It would seem that a second bambino adds some interesting to the mix.

I have spent the last four weeks since Blossom arrived with mostly no make up, funny looking hair ( I left it to dry naturally one day- gorgeous Husband calls it tropical when I do that, very curly you see) and bumping into walls quite often with either a breast pump attached to a tit, or other times a child. But with less wall bumping when a child is attached on account of sittingdownness.

Today I feel a sense of 'I can do this.'

And I can. Because I am these Babba's Mummy, and a good one at that, and it has taken me this long to realise it. As now I know it is not about perfect make up, tight tummy. housework and washing completion or any of that other 'stuff.'

It is just about Monty and Blossom, and a whole lot of breastfeeding, cuddles, food prep and pulling sesame street yfronts up and down and up and down.

Oh yes.


  1. I want to see this 'tropical' look, Bec. No really, I do.........Xx

  2. I cannot imagine you with curly hair at all! You are very good at this Mummy lark, that is for sure. Oh and 4 weeks? WTF? Where did that go?????

  3. Congratulations on a gorgeous baby!

    Also well done on your MADs nominations, which I know aren't as exciting as new life, but quite exciting anyway, right? www.the-mads.com

  4. Nudie, I will show you a picture. It is slightly annie- esque. But obviously with a much fatter face!
    Kelly, please can you have a word and slow time down, it is scary!
    Sally! SO EXCITED, cannot believe my blog has been nominated as in all honesty I really do not take this blogging lark all that seriously, I just enjoy keeping a log of my memories of my babies! so am ecstatic that someone would nominate me. And it wasn't my Mum. I asked!