You need this

Since having Blossom I have used many newborn products, some of which have been fantastic.

In the next few months I'll be sharing the best stuff in my YOU NEED THIS posts.

This beautiful swaddling blanket comes from the fantastic website MANUKA BABY, founded by the brilliant Alaina Morris.

It is gorgeous. And it is the quality and detail that set it aside from your run of the mill swaddlers. I have a white one with a cute little rose on the front. Too flipping sweet!

They are made from organic New Zealand cotton and are not cheap but make a great luxury baby gift. If you are pregnant, I'd drop hints now!

Blossom is only loosely swaddled in the picture, but at bed time she finds being swaddled comforting and I find it helps to settle her, it's also great for preventing wake ups from the startling morro reflex present in new babies.

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  1. we swore by swaddling when our wee man was very very wee, god send

    by the way i've tagged you here
    no pressure, it's very rare for new mummies to have a second to spare