We spent Easter Sunday with very good friends of ours, eating occurred as did drinking wine, giggling but best of all an Easter egg hunt took place.

Monty and his gorgeous buddy N went searching for their chocolate prizes and it was quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen.

We have known N and his parents a few years, since I got chatting with N's Mummy S at a sing and sign class that I took Monty to. The rest is history.

But the loveliest thing is for now Monty and N seem to have a genuine friendship, not just based on the fact that myself and N's Mummy are great friends, but based on spaceships, dee daws, giggling and running in circles.

OK they have walloped each other a fair few times, and pulled each others hair, but underneath that they have started to genuinely interact. Gone is the parallel playing of babyhood, replaced by something honest and pure and wholesome in a way that probably only exists in two year old children.

I love to watch them and listen to them. I also love to eat cake and drink red wine with N's Mummy.

So happy days really!


  1. Gorgeous! I love it when my youngest has friends over too. He's three and he's so cute with them. The older two just disappear to their bedrooms only to reappear for meals!

  2. That's so lovely! Kai is developing a similar friendship with my best friend's little girl and it is so genuine and pure, they're really starting to evolve their own little routines and behaviours together. It's so sweet to watch.

    Love the photos! Monty is so scrumptious x

  3. Thanks so much, we think so too. Mini frienships are the sweetest things.