My loves my sister my do

This is a relationship that took me by surprise. When I was pregnant I had no idea really what kind of reaction Monty would have towards his sister. I expected tantrums and jealousy.

We tried to prepare him as much as we could. We took him to scans. Told him it was going to be a little girl, his little sister and he would be a big brother. Countless sibling books were purchased and read at night before bedtime, the same books were packed in his nursery bag and read to him there. We encouraged him to do paintings for his sisters bedroom. He grasped the idea that his sister was in my tummy but took it literally to mean that everyone had a sister in their tummy.

And then Blossom arrived. As soon as he came into Mummy and Daddy's room that first morning, that first meeting, we held our breaths and hoped he would be happy to see the little Winston Churchill look alike in her moses basket.

Straight away he wanted to 'have a go' and 'my want to hold her.'

He adores her, he cuddles her constantly, often too tightly. He plants kisses on her face that leave dribbly remnants. And he puts his face so close to hers his hair tickles her.

The only difficulty we have had is he started to wet himself again, but this didn't last long and we didn't make an big deal about it.

I am so proud of him and the love he has for her.


  1. Aw. That is possibly the loveliest blog post i have ever read. Bought a tear to my eye.
    Treasure them, xx

  2. Yay :)
    Such a gorgeous picture.
    Mo is going to be a brill big brother :) xx

  3. Aw that's so lovely!

  4. That is so sweet. Lovely picture too. You are making me want a second baby even more (not yet, not yet, not yet!)