And thats how Mo see's it!

All these little gems were uttered by Monty in the space of one day. I had to write them down for fear of forgetting them and these little Montyisms are far too precious to be forgotten.

"Quick Mummy Blossom crying, get your boobies"
(On hearing Blossom waking up from a nap)

"It's tidy up time in five minutes, if you wanna make a mess, do it now"
(Cheeky bugger)

"My hair looks brilliant Mummy"
(On catching a glimpse of himself in the mirror)

"It's too loudy"
(noisy I think he means!)


  1. He's learning very young about the power of the booby you realise!!

  2. Are it's such a shame they have to grow up isn't it. Sue x

  3. ha we get "too loudy" too, it is usually accompanied with hands over ears.