I have to make it as good as this!

Think of this as a Wordless Wednesday post, with a shit load of words attached ok?

This is Monty's nursery. Cute Huh?

I am so pleased with it. It is a vision in Cath Kidston Cowboy wallpaper, gingham, polka dots and wooden toys. A proper boys room. Traditional but not boring. Boyish but not gimicky and not a border or Winnie the Pooh in sight ( I hate that bloody bear!)

But the trouble is. I now have to create a room for Pickle that is equally amazing!

I am working on it.

I shall keep you posted!


  1. I can't wait to see it if Monty's is anything to go by! I heard a rumour about strawberries ...?

  2. Oh wow, what a fantastic room, cant wait

  3. The room looks fab. I am with you on Winnie the Pooh, it's all over everything here in Spain.

  4. Hi Becs, Would love to know what the last post said..Probably rude anyway. lol ! Hope you are resting up! Sue x

  5. I know, I may copy n paste into google? In my mind it's die hard Cath K fan??? Heres hoping. I am resting and being very good and Mr is being all domesticated!

  6. Love the wallpaper, my little man has a Cath Kidston cowboy room but we're renting so can't wallpaper...boooo
    Had to make do with the bedding, teddy and a few cowboy trinkets