I am really quite extremely very sorry, sort of.

This particular post is for my (long suffering) Husband.

I am sorry for the following things:

Leaving the interior light on in the car which then ran the battery down. And you had to walk to work. A long way. In the night.

Leaving the parking light on in the car. Which ran the battery down again. And you had to walk to work again. But at least we have jump leads now after the last time eh? (And I didn't even know what or where the parking light was so, well, so not really my fault?)

Changing rules. I am sorry for the new communal chocolate rule in the house. Where if it's your chocolate and you have left it I can eat it. But if it's my chocolate you can't. And if it's my chocolate and I can't finish it I hide it in the bathroom. But usually I do finish it. I know this must have made the bottom drop out of your world drop out as you were the chocolate addict in our house and now I get very animalistic over chocolate. I don't know what has happened to me. But it has, so get over it- touch my choc, feel my force. Ahem. Sorry .Again.

Bursting into tears over random things, like you coming back from picking Mo up from nursery and saying he wasn't talking to anyone on the lunch table. Tears.
The ad for the dogs trust home. Tears. And so on....

Ringing you from upstairs in bed as you watch TV to ask for rice cakes and cream cheese. I was watching 'Big bang theory'

Texting you from upstairs in bed to ask for an apple. I was watching 'How I met your Mother'

Making you do all manner of DIY 'before Pickle is born' and constantly adding to the list, you have decked the garden, decorated our bedroom, decorated Pickles nursery, put up pictures, put up mirrors etc etc etc. I'll leave you be now.

Falling into such a deep sleep after listening to my tums2mums mp3 that you were unable to move me,despite trying to lift,push and shove me across the bed and repeatedly saying my name. You thought you might have to sleep on the sofa. Whoops.Sorry about that. hehehehehe!

In the same vein I'm sorry that I we now resemble a silent night advert in bed. I am the hippo one and you are the duck one. I grunt and groan as I repeatedly have to turn over every 3.8 minutes. And beat my chest like a chimp because of heartburn. Can't be nice for you.

So, I am sorry for all these things.

BUT I am going to be having a baby very shortly and babies mean pushing presents.

If I could have flowers, champagne, pretty things and a maternity (eternity ring) that'd be fab.

Love you. xxx


  1. ooh yes, pushing pressies are essential.

    I would be more specific and leave books with post it notes on for the ring, or the link for the one you want.

  2. Aw bless! the joys of growing a pickle :) Much agree with snafflesmummy about leaving mags open with post it notes! x

  3. Ha ha! There is no chance on the ring, and I am sure i can trust him on flowers and bubbley??? Can't I ?

    Ok I'll speak to him!

  4. I got new (baby) boots when I had Lillie, I put a bookmark to the faith website on his desktop by accident... haha this post made me laugh so much ps I have no idea what a parking light is either! x

  5. well, apparently I had flicked the lights on click too far from the off position? Ridiculous. Why not make off, the furtherst click? Why bother with a parking light no one knows where...oh who cares!!!

  6. Dammit - I never heard of pushing presents until weeks after I had K. It was too late to drop any hints by then.
    The communal choc rule sounds fair to me!

  7. All of these things sound perfectly acceptable..when growing a pickle all rules are off. Go for the ring....

  8. never. gonna. happen.....pfffft!
    Well not unless we win the lotto!!!

  9. Tee hee, this post made me chuckle.

    My push present was a bracelet with troll beads on it but I don't get to wear it often as I would like because Piran's eyes light up "ohhhh shiny thing".

    I remember being pregnant in bed and phoning the house phone, I knew Mr C would let the answerphone pick up then asking for cups of tea. Mind you, I started giggling and couldn't stop so it was hard to tell what I wanted.