The labour bag is packed, but what have I forgotten?

It has been packed for a few weeks but I've not wanted to jinx things and go into early labour! I'm 35 weeks now, I had Monty at 37 weeks so Pickle could arrive nowish, or I could go 2 weeks overdue, who knows!?

So this is what I have crammed into these two holdalls:



A comfy yet glamish outfit to go home in( it should hide my belly and make me feel better about the fact that I am walking like John Wayne)
Normal knickers and 'maternity' knickers, y'know the (*whispers) throw away ones? (Incase it seems as though my (ahem) fanny is falling out!!!!)
Daytime feeding bra
2x sleep feeding bras
Mocci's slippers (as I have long been jealous of Monty's! Now I have some! Yay!)
A nightie for labour and comfy jimjams for after
A cotton dressing gown

Other Stuff

Toiletries(shower gel,shampoo, cleanser,toner, moisturiser, deoderant, eyelash Curlers ( errrr WHY!) razor, body moisturiser,toothbrush, toothpaste)
Hair straighteners!!!! vain ...moi?
Breast pads/maternity pads
Energy food and snacks
Relaxing CDs
Video and digital camera, ipod with tums2mums hypnosis mp3's on

* can iI just say, these hypnosis mp3's are amazing for dealing with pain, they have really helped with my SPD and if you want to know more check out Dany's (founder of Tums2Mums) blog where a fantastic competition is taking place just CLICK HERE

Deoderant, tshirt and pants for James
My maternity notes/labour plan *snigger! But may come in handy for paper aeroplanes?
My ticky (Don't ask!)
My mamascarf
Phone, change for carpark etc.


A going home outfit
A jacket
Cotton wool
A cuddly rabbit
A blanket and a b.e.a.u.tiful MANUKA BABY swaddling blanket.


  1. sounds like you've got it all planned out. I would say try to take some food and drink with you on the day. It was a life saver for me.

  2. Yes that the only thing I can think of that haven't got round to, but has to kind of wait till the day. Had a bag of fresh fruit, energy bars and lucozade with me with Monty. Good for labour and afterwards on the ward in the middle of the night!

  3. Wow, brings back memories, am trying to fight off the broodiness...
    Can't believe you're this close already, where has the time gone?
    Packing the hospital bag is a lovely transitional moment, especially when you already have a little one at home.I always found that it gives you the chance to really stop and think and get excited about the birth, and it's a chance to think about yourself and your newborn and those precious few hours you'll spend together, just the 2 of you.
    Good luck Bec.
    (and don't forget your flip flops for the shower)
    Anne xx

  4. Now I have to ask... what is a ticky?!
    All sounds good to me, the only I didn't have was magazines/newspapers when I was stuck on the ward for a few days but your fella can always get stuff like that if you need it. I agree with babybornfreebottles that flip flops were great to have.
    p.s. loving the cowboy bag :)

  5. Oh my word! So much to think about.

    As a 'yet to be Mummy' who hasn't even got as far as pregnant yet (YET!) I've obviously never had to think in such detail about being pregnant and the actual giving birth thing (yes, I know it has to happen, but let's try and actually conceive first!?).

    This post's a real eye opener - thanks!

    And good luck!