So I arrive at college yesterday evening, feeling the countdown - six weeks left of pregnancy, seven of college(whoops!)

But it's OK as I have handed in seven out of nine units, only two to go and they are nearly completed. Phew. All on track to complete the eighteen month course in eleven months. Smug me? A little! Proud of myself. OK a lot!

But wait, whats this ... a whole unit has had to be written off due to a technicality. Bum. Shit. Bollocks. Big Bollocks.

Lots of 'Oh my Christ' (to be said in the style of Pamela- you know Gavin's Mum in Gavin & Stacey) was internally said, as my tutor did her best to stop me going in to labour.

And in actual fact it's fine as I have another unit I can do that I already have most of the evidence completed due to my lovely tutor going through all my assessments and previous evidence and cross referencing it all.

So it's OK.

But it did get a bit OH.MY.CHRIST for a while there. Shheesh!

In other news, here is the bump!

Nesting is commencing like you would not believe, Pickles nursery is done,well decorated and nearing organisation. Prettifying has yet to commence but bunting has been ordered so do not worry, it will be a vision in Cath Kidston Strawberry print! Babygroes are washed and folded neatly in drawers and the moses basket is ready. I know at 34 weeks pregnant this may seem a bit nuts but Mo arrived at 37 weeks, contractions got under way at a police picnic with the husband and ALL his colleagues on Hove Lawns, our flat was full of boxes due to us moving when I would have been 39 weeks. This time round I am going to be ready with the precision of something very precise that I cannot think to compare to?

I have physio this morning for my SPD and carpel tunnel syndrome, which is good as I wake up with hands that feel like they have been to the dentist and hips that feel like they belong to a ninety year old break dancer (I'm sure there are are ninety year old break dancers. No? )

So we are nearly there, the home straight and I for one, am EXCITED!


  1. I suffered with caple tunnel and still do!!

  2. I'm excited *for* you!! And the bump is lookin bootiful :)

    Did you see I moved my blog again? I know, I'm a pain in the butt, but if you could possibly maybe go here: http://lifewithlittledude.blogspot.com/ & re-follow & stuff, i'd love you long time!!
    (and - you're on my blogs i love page too, oh yeah :D)
    Thanks lovely! xxx

  3. Hey hun, you're looking swell!. Not long to go now. Make sure you rest as much as you can....I know, easier said then done. Take care. Sue x

  4. Oh My Christ! Mick, Michael... MICK! Love the comparison and I find myself vocalising the impression unendingly now - love it!

    I've only just found your blog but I'll definitely have a read back through your older posts.

    Good luck!

  5. fanks a gazillion, off to hunt out your blog in reciprocal appreciation! x