Cold Turkey!

So yesterday I had the physio appointment for my SPD or pelvic girdle pain as it is also called.

The physio lady was lovely(she was not wearing birkenstocks which unnerved me but as I sayshe was nice all the same) but she gave me some very bad news.

If I didn't take her advice seriously my pain would get worse and I may end up on crutches.


Errrr lady, I am 34 weeks pregnant and am nesting like a tweety bird on LSD! I have been known to hoover the back of the hob to get rid of crumbs - I kid you not.

So poor Mr has to do it all and I am only allowed to do the folding of muslins etc.

In the absence of hoovering. Sigh. I have made a batch of bolognaise for the freezer when Pickle arrives so we have some quick dinners,I have baked cookies with Mo, done more organising of the nursery and basically started my cold turkey with distraction tecniques.

It is like the episode of Father Ted where they all give something up, fags, booze and roller blading. There are mini versions of my Miele hoover with wings flying around the chandeliers in every room, taunting me.....

I know, I'm a knobber.

I also have to be fitted for arm splints because of my carple tunnel syndrome and I have coning of the abdomen, never heard of it? Neither had I! Apparently it is common in women who excercised a lot pre pregnancy and the stretching of the tummy rips the muscles sometimes irreparably. Now this was not me the only sit ups I did were to get myself off the sofa to get a can of coke but I am fairly smallish build so she seems to think it's because of that?

*Could not make this shit up!

Mr thinks it's all a bit funny as he reminded me of the time I had to wear a gum shield after I had had Monty as I became a bit of a teeth grinder! So dentist took the moulds, then constructed something out of see through plastic. I wore it for a few nights.

One of these nights Monty was sick in his cot and James still laughs at him hearing me shout from Montys's bedroom :

''Jameshh Jameshh can you help me Monty'shhh been shick everywhere and I need to change the sheetshhh''

I never wore it after that.

I cannot see why he would find it so funny? Can you?


  1. Do you want me to come and do your hoovering? I'll bring my crevice tool?

    Loving the word 'knobber'. That is my new word.

    Now shhhit down and shhhtop your rushing around missy (hee hee).

    Seriously though, I'm sorry you're in pain and bereft of your hoover. That really sucks :( Guess you're just going to have to sit and Twitter more huh?

    Big hugs lovely. Hope you're not too fed up xxxx

  2. ouch no wonder men leave having babies to us women ;-)

  3. oooooohhhhhhh no... could you make lists? would that help fullfill the nesting urges a little, along with lots of folding of baby clothes and muslins and the like? hope the pain eases too xxx

  4. Ah, my poor fellow knobber.

    Try to enjoy the rest - let your policeman be a househusband, and if he laughs at your splints, makehim wear a pinny. Then see who's laughing.

    Not long now chick xxx

  5. agh! What a nightmare, poor you! You can stand from the sidelines pointing out all the bits he's missed with the hoover - he wont be laughing for long.

  6. Being signed off housework would make me very happy indeed but not when you are nesting. How many times have you folded those muslins so far?!

    I love using the word knobber too (except when I'm driving and I'm a total potty mouth)

  7. I had to laugh at you trying to talk with your gum shield, very funny. I had one too a few years back, I lasted about a week I think before I gave up. Good luck with the resting......like that's gonna happen! Sue x

  8. When I was in full nesting mode my feet swelled up so much I couldn't stand and my hands swelled up the joints wouldn't work. I remember thinking that it was some kind of sick joke that the first time in my life I had a pathological need to clean was the first time I was physically unable. Sooooo frustrating so you have my sympathy.

    Award for you over at mine xx

  9. Really? I bet it's an award that I have for you too in my drafts!!! If it is I am still giving it!!!