A private poo and a item of a personal nature.

Monty is doing really well with the depositing poo/wee in loo or potty lark.

He has impressed me no end.

So it came as no surprise when I lifted him onto the loo and he balanced on his plastic make loo hole smaller adaptor thingy when he said :

''Mummy go away, I call you when I done. OKAY!''

OK I thought, normal for him to start to want a bit of privacy. I waited outside for his call, which of course came, and trotted in to assume my 'duties.'

I found him on the loo, pants and trousers flicked off from his ankles, slippers still attached, chewing on a Tampax.

Makes no sense to me?


  1. I should know better.
    Don't read Bec's blog while drinking tea. It's a choking hazzard!
    Another moment of Mighty Mo Brilliance :)

  2. Just the regular Laura, although I don't expect he would of minded super, I reckon he'd take em any way they come?

  3. Well what are you meant to do with yur hards and mouth whilst sitting on the toilet?!?

  4. Guess so....better than reading on the bog like his Dad. Filthy.

  5. Chewing on tampax...that really sets my teeth on edge! Same feeling as hearing chalk scrape on a blackboard..eeek!