A meme!

(Excuse the graphic picture but I never said I was subtle?)

It had struck me how often I blog about my sons bowel/bladder control or lack thereof.

I have done HERE, HERE,HERE, oh and HERE! (Bloody hell!)

I know this is down to potty/toilet training and the big shift in development that comes with it.

It is also to do with the number of hilarious anecdotes that come with it, a lot of my funniest posts are completely about Monty's poops n pee! Gross? YES! Funny? Well, I think so and it's my blog so........

Anyway in the last week I have had moments of 'my life has come to this??? snigger' as I have sat waiting for Monty to finish on the loo as he has chatted away.

This weeks little nuggets (excuse the pun !fnar!) have included:

During a stomach bug:
'oh Mummy I doing another wet poo!'

Early hours of the morning to his Daddy after hooping off the loo to inspect his 'work!':
'Look my done lot of little Pooh's like crisps, like purple crisps at Nanny's house! '
(I can only assume she had given him a bag of nicknack's? Oh I fancy a packet of those now!)

After eating courgette and pea soup:
'He did a big poo with a dollop of pea soup on top'
This gem was relayed to me over the phone by my Nan when Monty stayed at theirs on Valentines night!!!

Which got me to thinking. It is not just me, surely? All parents have poop/pee stories to share don't we?

So I thought I'd make this into a meme. Then I thought no that's grim. Then CAFEBEBE saw my talent of writing about shit (at least I think that was what she was getting at or maybe she meant my writing was shit??) and suggested the very same. So I have decided to go for it!

I am laughing as I type! This could be a success, or go down like a cup of cold sick (another post entirely) but hell, I'll give it a try!

I tag

Emma at Me,The Man and the Baby(sorry! Not sure you'll like this tag!)

Dawn at The Moiderer

Karin at Cafe Bebe

Claire at Cheshire Mum

and Amy at And One More Means Four (she's bound to have some gooduns!!)

So bring us your wee n dump stories, link the post back to my blog and then tag more innocent bloggers, and so on and so on! Please title your posts as 'Pootastic '

( as I like the word!!)

Go forth and poo/pee blog people, like blogging is our religion and pee/poo is our errrrr communion!!! *snigger! And don't forget to gimme a shout when your done so to speak, so that I can have a read and a giggle!



  1. ha ha what a great meme, we all have these i'm sure!

  2. I have a pootastic post that I wrote a few weeks ago on my blog:

  3. OK, so now I wish I had a child just purely so I could join in this meme! Good luck all you tagged ladies!

  4. My kids are older now... the only poo story I have is about me - but I dont think Im about to blog about that! lol

  5. Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!! hahahahahahahahaha!
    Maybe one day I'll blog about it!!!!!!!