Frankie says RELAX!

Today I have had an awesome day with my boy.
We haven't done anything special, usually I would class awesome as a trip to the zoo, Hove Park, swimming. You know, something 'special.'
But it started as any other day,actually it didn't because Monty slept till 6.30 in his own bed instead of crawling in with me. So good start. I got up with him and went to the loo as usual he was my audience. He found my weeing funny today instead of creating a fuss about lifting the seat for me and me slowly wetting myself while I wait, he let me get on with it and crooned to himself as I went about my business ''funny Mummy wee wee, silly Mummy wee wee!'' Fair enough whatever floats your boat darling boy. I was just happy at being allowed to have a wee!
It was a nursery day, so uniform was required this can sometimes take some coaxing as he likes to use the word NO alot when getting dressed. Today was no different, I suffered slightly less kicking during nappy changing, and instead of trying to wrestle him dressed, I turned my back on him, took a deep breath and counted to 5. Still no luck. I threatened the sorry step if he did not do as he was asked, he said no, I asked are you going to be Mummy's good boy? Bloody hell. He was letting me get him dressed! WHOOPWHOOP!
We had a nice breakfast together and we walked to nursery. After nursery Daddy and I collected him, he played with Daddy with the train set and Daddy wento to work on a late shift. Monty told me ''Daddy nee naw car, Daddy Policeman!''
We went on an adventure, well that was what Mo called it, but just to the beach, we sat on the pebbles and had snuggles, he walked along the wall of the promenade laughing and holding my hand and jumping precariously off the end!
He had a tantrum when I said it was time to go, but I took a deep breath. And carried on. He followed, and apologised. Feck! Where is my boy???
We ate dinner, he had a bath, he wanted me to get in so I did, we played with the water toys, got in our pjs and drank milk, tea and ate biscuits. No tv.
We went to bed early, he asked for music on choosing baby einstein music cd,and I read him stories till he fell asleep. I looked ta him for ages. My beautiful, gorgeous boy.
Night night.xxx


  1. Don't these days help hell a dozen bad ones?! I had the day from hell on Wednesday then yesterday we had a day like this too. No screams before his nap or getting ready for bed, sat still for a story, gave daddy a kiss and a cuddle - the works!!

    Just shows they can do it! And that we have to make the most of these odd rare days of good behaviour haha!!

  2. Sounds idyllic. Those are the kind of days I wish for but never get! Maybe one day...

  3. Just reassuring to know that I am not the only Mummy NOT to have days like this everyday!