Beetroots and Gherkins

So! I have done it, taken zee plunge and got ma'self a lil ole bloggy what not type thing, to diarise all the bonkers shenanigens that occur in my house, with my son Monty i.e Motherhood and with Pickle i.e my (2nd)pregnancy.
Bump is nicknamed pickle due to my cravings for anything well, pickled!! Gherkins, beetroot, picalilli, I also currently adore sliced mozzarella with balsamic vinigar. Now i know that one is a pregnancy craving as I served some up to best Husband and he said it tasted of shoe. So hence the rather crap blog name Beetroots and Gherkins! Although I have to admit to feeling a bit of a fraud as I am mostly in Beetroot zone and Gherkins seems to have passed, I occasionally find myself head in fridge hoovering one up pig style but it's mostly BEETROOTS. I heart them.
A week ago Monday I had beetroot in my sandwhich, read the same for about 20 days previous, and read the same for all the days since then...except yesterday.... It was odd. I was at a birthday party with Monty and scoffing pizza, salad, pitta, wedges and houmous and had the irrational thought '' why are there no effing beetroots!!!'' I coped. Of course I did. But you get the picture.
So anyway, a rather bizarre intro to my blog, I should introduce myself etc etc but 1. Can't be arsed and 2. I don't want to to peak to early- keep reading and I'll keep revealing!!!


  1. Ohhh am I the first commenter? How terribly exciting. You have been added to my blogroll, I am blog stalking you, but will have to leave if you make me eat beetroot. It is disgusting and tastes like THE GROUND!

  2. I will most probably agree with you in about 23 weeks! x

  3. I fooking love piccalilli ... it's so underrated as a food stuff, but bring it on I say! And if you eat a whole beetroot (fresh) it turns your poo red. I know this from experience. I called my mum up to have a look... she was delighted at the sight!!

  4. You ought to have said. I've got some home-grown beetroot in the fridge. It needs using up...

  5. Red Poo!!!! I daren't look! I love you for that comment! xxx
    I will gladly eat all beetroot in your fridge- I am there!

  6. Welcome to Bloggyland! Craving only sweets over here and due in Jan. How about you?

    I will follow your new adventure! You can find me at www.mommywords.com

  7. Oh, I just found a fantastic website that tells you how to do all things Blogger. http://sneakymommablogdesign.blogspot.com/

    I thought it might be useful for you :)

  8. oh thanks hon, will look now.x

  9. So nice to know where it all came from. And I must say that I CANNOT understand your cravings but I can appreciate them!
    Your blog name makes you memorable and noticeable...amongst all the "Mummy" this and "Mummy" that...you are different! And lovely!

    Thanks for letting me in on the secret!
    :) Karin

  10. Love the name of your blog - check mine out!