Are you having a laugh?

Sometimes I feel as if it could only happen to me, or us as in our family, we just seem to deal with oddness on a day to day basis so much so now that I am used to it.
This week I spilt a drink on the laptop. Actually no thats a lie, it sounds like I was typing away and knocked a drink over in a crass hap hazard devil may care 'look at me I have a drink next to my lap top look at me living on the wild side' fashion....but I didn't I DIDN'T! My Nan always told me how dangerous this was so I NEVER EVER have a drink next to my treasured shopping/chatting prized possession.
I was merely passing my drink over it to place on shelf away from it and it, well, spilt. Laptop was wetted, laptop was deaded, laptop was hair dryed, laptop still deaded. Left for a few days, still deaded. Veins in my head started swelling. I wanted to tweet, facebook, check emails, shop, browse...urrrgh. Could still function on it but the 3 sent everything I had done to delete , the t kept sending me to Tescos.com and do not even get me started on the 1, and of course my passwords for said applications all had the deaded sodding letters in them. I kept trying to tweet on twitter without using the letter t. I sounded gangster. It did not suit me.
So the upshot is Lovely gorgeous Mummy has loaned me hers and ours is being looked at by insurers.
But it got me to thinking about the surreal stuff that happens like when Monty hid our remote it was gone weeks only to be found in my Husbands police riot boots (obviously no riots occurred, I wish they had and we would have got our sodding remote back!!)During this same time he hid the house phone I could hear it ringing I just could not find it! It was in such a ridiculous place I am too embarrassed to admit as I should have looked...but you are kind of getting the picture.
The worst time was when I got painted up the stairs. Sounds odd? Well it was. It lead me to joining twitter in fact out of sheer bloody boredom.This is what happened. We live in a Victorian house with original floor boards which are too knackered for varnish but paint hides their sins. I had seen in Living Etc magazine someone had painted their boards black and I loved it so this was what I wanted. In the livingroom, diningroom and hallway including our stairs and upstairs landing. But of course Mr took ages in doing it and Monty, the dog and I ended up being trapped upstairs without much to do,Monty wasn't going to bed, the dog pissed himself, Monty walked through it in his Roary the Racing car slippers- it was messy, but very funny! Stupid thing was I had done the first coat on the stairs the week before and had painted myself downstairs and had to wait for it to dry before I could go to bed. Luckily Mr was working and I had put Monty to bed before I started, but I went to bed very late that night.
Anyone else sometimes feel that it could only happen to them?


  1. I always wash the kitchen floor and then remember a million reasons why I should be in there!

  2. Oh I do that too but only remember why I shouldn't have gone in there when I have fallen on me ass, or traipsed footprints all through it!!!

  3. Ha ha ha ha ha ... I love your blog posts. you crack me up. Ooops, hope that isnt the wrong response :) xx

  4. Hilarious, have encountered many a similar laptop/airing cupboard type scenarios, have added you to my blogroll xxx

  5. Oh we could so be the same person! :P
    Dylan did the very same phone thing last week - drove me mad for three days!

    Loving your blog lady - glad you decided to start one :)

  6. Thanks guys!
    Am glad it's funny, was desired to be, if I did not laugh I'd cry, many more stories on a similar note, Ill share on the 10th. I need you guys to educate me on sprucing this blog up though I think?