38 weeks

In homage to my good friend Claire's lovely blog post about her beautiful daughter baby G when she reached the same age outside as she had got to inside. xxx

Dear Blossom

So 38 weeks. I never did manage to get to my due date. Your brother was the same.

38 weeks feels like an entire lifetime ago and it feels almost as though you were always here. But at the same time I feel as though you have just turned up to the party and still struggle terribly with there being two gorgeous beings for me to love unconditionally and uncontrollably.

These last few weeks have been hard, I've been to some grim places (a phrase only a Mother can understand.) You've had coughs and colds, sickness and then the chicken pox all in the space of six weeks.

You are a clingy baby, there is no denying it. You seem to feel as though the safest place for you is in my arms and anywhere else may prove the end of your little world as you know and understand it. I love feeling you close but sometimes I ache and find things very hard one handed.

But this soon shall pass and before I know it you will be running away rather than snuggling in.

So for now I'll hold you close and hold you near.

Love you forever and a day and to the moon and back.

Mummy. x


  1. Ahh love you Mmmy Bec (wiping my tears!)xx

  2. *wipes* tears away, take those cuddles whilst they are on offer, Baby G is a stair climber extraordinaire now and considers being picked up almost as offensive as face wipe... which as all mummy's know a face wipe is nothing but pure evil! Gorgeous post by a gorgeous mummy xxxx

  3. Lovely words Bec,am also wiping a tear away xxx